Recent years, smart city construction has become the latest urban development concept and action sweeping the whole country and even the whole world. The "13th Five-Year" period is a key period for China's urbanization forwarding, and in the process of the new round of urban development, urban underground construction has sped up sharply. How to update and reconstruct underground space? Is it feasible for large-scale development and utilization of deep underground space? How to realize interconnection  in underground space development? How to build a more livable underground space? And these issues become the focus of the industry.


As a part of “World City Day”events, to further give publicity to World City Day, advance the comprehensive carrying capacity of the city and the international influence of Shanghai City, and promote international exchanges and cooperation, the Organizing Committee plans to hold the 5th China (Shanghai) Underground Space Development Conference 2017 on November 1-2, 2017, in Shanghai. The conference will focus on the development trend of intelligent underground space, discuss the latest policy concepts and application of new technologies, share global classic cases and industry expert wisdom, deeply exchange the underground space development and management experience, and inspire innovation and vitality in the city. So, the organizing committee warmly invites industry representatives and experts and scholars to attend!

Ⅰ.Date and Venue

Date:November 1-2, 2017

Venue:Shanghai, China


Underground Space and Urban Development

Ⅲ.Organization Structure


Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Management Committee


Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering

College of Civil Engineering of Tongji University

Shanghai Municipal Civil Defense Association


Affairs Service Center of Shanghai World City Day


Wintime International Media & Expo Corporation
Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space
Shanghai Underground Space Architectural Design & Research Institute


Ⅳ.Academic Committee and Organizing Committee(Random Order)

Conference Chairman:QIAN Qihu

Academic Committee:

Expert Committee:

Liu Qianwei, Zhao Xianzhong, Zhao Penglin, Chen Xiangsheng, Yang Xiuren, Ma Zhongzheng, Wang Xiuzhi, Gu Xin, Shu Yu, Zhu Hehua, Ding Wenqi, Yuan Yong, Xie Xiongyao, Han Chuanfeng, Zhu Wenjun, Wang Jianhua, Yu Mingjian, Wang Hengdong, Wang Weidong, Wang Zhuoying, Shi Xiaodong, Zhang Ruilong, Sun Xiaobo, Tang Shifang, Zhang Pengfei, Chen Hong, Gong jian, Ma Rongquan, Zhou Zhiyan, Dong Zhen, Xin Zuoxian, Mark Wallace

Organizing Committee:

Committee members:

Fu Deming, Ye Guoqiang, Yang Zhiming, Wen Dejin, Fan Yiqun, Deng Yan Secretary:Rainbow Zhou, Jimmy Ji, Amy Si, Rina Wang

Ⅴ.Conference Contents

1.Property right of urban underground space and policy interpretation

2.Opportunities and challenges of urban underground space development in China

3.Unified planning, design, construction and management of underground space

4.Deep underground space development

5.Exploration on construction of intelligent underground space

6.Development opportunities and key points of underground logistics

7.Comprehensive application of BIM technology in underground space development

8.Civil air defense works informatization of underground space

9.Green development and sustainable development of underground space

10.New technologies, new construction methods, new machinery and new materials for underground engineering

11.Development, construction and operation management of urban underground space

12.Interconnection of underground utility tunnel and underground space

13.Integrated construction of metro station and underground complex

14.Underground commercial real estate development and underground parking technology

15.Urban underground space intelligent disaster prevention

16.Reconstruction and expansion of the existing structure of the underground space and its ecological restoration;

17.Cases sharing of major projects of underground space at home and abroad

Ⅵ.Who will you meet:

1. Local Government, Government Departments, Agencies & Authorities: Civil Air Defense Office, City Planning Bureau, Public Utilities Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Municipal Engineering Management Office, Urban construction investment...

2. Enterprises and Institutions: underground space design, construction, operation and management

3. Persons in charge of underground shopping malls, underground garage, subway, and civil air defense.

4. Persons from universities、owner units、and persons in charge of scientific research, planning and design, underground engineering construction equipment, and technology materials


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